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The Wild Outdoors Club is a community of adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts from all walks of life. If you love adventure and the great outdoors, you're in the right place!

Based out of the mountain foothills of British Columbia's Fraser Valley, in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, the Wild Outdoors club was established in the summer of 2015 as a unique apparel brand inspired by our love of the outdoors. The wild is where we go to find ourselves. The unknown drives us to keep exploring. The mission behind Wild Outdoors Club celebrates the connection we all have to the untamed wilderness, and our products are a reflection of the inspiration we find daily in the wild. We are dedicated to creating great apparel that will resonate with your love of the outdoors and connect the vast community of adventurers we are a part of.   What began as a simple idea one day while walking beneath the towering evergreens of Canada's west coast quickly sprouted into a creative expression of visual media, art and design, dedicated to creating a movement... An identity... that connects people together as 'members' of the 'club' of those who love the great outdoors. At the end of the day, we want to build community, connecting all those with a zeal for exploring and venturing out into the wilderness.

What we are doing is for everyone and anyone who hears the call of the wild. Those who love to explore, and go adventuring, to get lost in nature and who love getting rad with friends.  In all our travels, we have seen people from every corner of the globe, bonding with each other... all sharing the same love for the beauty and mystery of the world we live in. It's where we truly find ourselves, and what drives us to keep exploring, to keep blazing trails, to keep searching, and to keep documenting and creating and sharing with others.  Our brand represents the connection we all have as humans to the untamed wilderness, and our products are a reflection of the inspiration we find daily in the wild.  It is our hope to create and offer something that will resonate with and connect the vast community we are a part of.  Join the club!

The Wild Outdoors Club was created to build a community of people who love the great outdoors. If you share our passion for adventure, let us know! Share your travels, adventure photos and stories with us online, either through sharing on social media to Wild Outdoorsclub, or by emailing us at wildoutdoorsclub@gmail.com.  You can also show your love for the wild by wearing your wild side and sporting our exclusive club gear. Join us and stay wild!


What makes us different from other brands?

There are a lot of great companies and brands selling outdoor gear and apparel. We should know, we own a lot of it!  We don't feel the need to compete or strive to make the best outdoor gear or the most technical products. What is different about us is our approach to the outdoors lifestyle. The Wild Outdoors Club is not just for the extreme adventure junkies, or the 'outdoorsy' types, but for everyone from the experienced mountain climber to the weekend roamer. Mountaineers to backyard barbecue enthusiasts. We simply  believe in promoting a life outside and pursuing what you love; building community around the shared enjoyment of nature. Our products are a reflection of this passion, identifying our adventurous spirit and made for casual comfort and style.  We recognize that there is a diverse collection of adventurers and athletes who love the wild, from day hikers to remote explorers, rock climbers to scuba divers, downhill mountain bikers to skaters and surfers, global travelers and weekend warriors. We want to unite all the outdoor enthusiasts from all walks of life under the common shared love of being in the wild outdoors. Making and selling our products is just one way to connect this vast community and express our common passion. Membership is free!

If you agree that life is better spent outdoors, answer the call of the wild, support local, and join the club!


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